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As South Florida continues to see a constant migration of new residents from northern states, some new residents are also driving north on Interstate 95.

“We moved to Lake Worth March 1,” Ted Belloise, who moved from Broward County.

He said he moved to Palm Beach County without having to move his business, Florida Integrated Security.

“Let’s face it, even in Broward County now, if it’s past 3:30, you don’t leave your house because the traffic is too crazy,” he said.

Traffic is just one reason real estate professionals said people are leaving Miami-Fort Lauderdale for Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast.

“Everything thing right now is about the letter “I,” and I is for inventory. It’s for interest rates. It’s for inflation,” Jeff Lichtenstein of Echo Fine Properties in Palm Beach Gardens said.

He adds that many people relocated from the south are also going directly to the Port St. Lucie area.

Data from Florida Atlantic University points to 10-year population projections at 20% for Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties. Palm Beach County is not too far behind at 12%. Broward County’s growth projection is 7.35% while Miami-Dade County is 3.8%.

“As Palm Beach County east of I-95, east of [Florida’s] Turnpike has gotten more filled up, then they’re going farther north, then it’s the next 30 to 35 minutes,” Lichtenstein said.

Belloise, who started living in his first home in Miami-Dade County, said he may keep going north.

“Every 25 years I go up a county, so I’m just hoping to make it to Martin [County],” Belloise said.


Source:  WPTV