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Companies and workers are finding flex space working arrangements to allow for valuable collaboration, a better balance of office and remote work, and more options overall, and businesses appreciate the opportunity to avoid lengthy lease terms.

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Osborne has represented The Strachman Family as trust advisor over the last 20+ years and, in the last 5 years, helped in repositioning its portfolio of management-intense multi-tenant retail properties. The family is repositioning its portfolio for the future.

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Survey respondents may be dismissive of inflation and interest rate concerns, but the market may be in for a ‘recalibration’.

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Amidst all the commentary that usually accompanies inflated economies, you may hear the word “hedge” thrown around quite a few times. And while many asset classes can help provide a hedge against inflation, how can commercial real estate be utilized specifically as a hedge?

South Florida’s apartment buildings traded at record highs in the first half of 2022.

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Six weeks ago, inflationary concerns and rising interest rates started to sour investment appetite. It turned out to be a momentary pause.

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“Other than owning a company or a franchise, only real estate allows investors to roll up their sleeves, either physically or metaphorically, and create value in an investment.”

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Investors are spreading their money out geographically for a number of reasons, including diversification, the search for higher yields, state tax policies, and retirement strategies, “to capitalize on unique market dynamics like migration and demographic trends.” 

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Osborne believes strongly that any automotive property in a prime location with legal conforming zoning and an active dealer and repair license will only increase in long term value. He has multiple clients that are always looking for automotive related properties in prime location in the tri-county area.

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Both gateway and Sun Belt markets recorded strong growth.