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The number of commercial foreclosures in the U.S. has steadily increased, from a low of 141 in May 2020 to 625 in March 2024, according to an updated report from ATTOM.

That represents a 6% increase from the prior month and a 117% increase from last year. The real estate data tracking firm also noted that California, New York, and Florida were the states with the most foreclosures.

New York had a total of 61 commercial foreclosures in March 2024, a 5% increase from the prior month and a 65% increase from a year ago. Florida saw increases of 30% and 107%, respectively. Texas saw increases of 31% and 129%, and New Jersey saw increases of 31% and 133%.

Foreclosure filings on commercial real estate property in California in January 2024 were triple the number of foreclosures in January 2023, according to ATTOM data. Banks in California have a great deal of exposure to commercial real estate with 31% of Golden State bank portfolios carrying three times larger loans than capital.

The recent increase in foreclosures follows a multi-year low of just 141 in May 2020, reflecting the immediate impacts of the pandemic and swift response measures like moratoriums and financial aid for owners.

“Despite challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and evolving economic policies, the market demonstrated remarkable adaptability,” ATTOM reported. “Initial pandemic-related foreclosures were followed by a stabilization as businesses adjusted to new realities.”


Source:  GlobeSt.